Singapore's 55 National Day

August 6, 2020

Happy Birthday Singapore! 9th August 2020 marks the 55th birthday of Singapore. I've never felt so nationalistic as this year ever, is it the COVID-19 Pandemic or is it my lack of regional travel over the last few months? I am glad to share this post for people around the world to get a feel of what Singapore is doing for our national day celebration. 

Singapore National Day 2020 is being disrupted too.

For many years, our Government standard operating protocol was to gather at a venue. i.e. National Stadium, Kallang, Marina Bay. Ceremony, March Pass, followed by Performance for both the audience gathered to watch National Day (if you have tickets) or stay home and watch it over TV. 

This national day has changed. It will be going to the heartlands of Singapore (refer to picture map), There will be split into morning and evening shows, with participant numbers (normally in thousands) drastically reduced in line with COVID-19 guidelines. Fewer than 300 participants will be involved in both segments of the show.

Courtesy of National Day (

However, this is not without meticulous planning and organizing from the NDP committee to put the best forward as Singapore celebrates its national day through this difficult period. Online activities and other auxiliary celebrations will be held. Example like encouraging Singaporeans to attach the red torch stickers (from Singapore Together gift pack) to their mobile phones and light up the night sky. (See below)

This is to pay tribute to frontline and essential service workers as well as the country's community heroes.

Our Theme "Together, A Stronger Singapore", this year's NDP calls on Singaporeans to stay united as one people and work together to emerge from challenges "stronger than before".

Source: NDP 2020 executive committee

This year’s NDP theme is a call for Singaporeans to play their role as we overcome the challenges ahead. “Together” refers to Singaporeans uniting as one people, brought closer in bonds of compassion and kindness, while “A Stronger Singapore” signifies our determination to emerge from the crisis stronger as a nation, with our best days ahead of us.

心手相连 坚毅向前.
Bersama, Untuk Singapura Yang Lebih Teguh.
ஒன்றுபட்ட, வலிமையான சிங்கப்பூர்.

Together, A Stronger Singapore!

The NDP2020 logo captures the dualities of compassion and conviction. The heart represents Compassion, a heart for the nation, a heart for one another, a fellow Singaporean. The fist signifies Conviction, pledging as one united people to build a better future together. The red-purple colour gradient shows us transiting with optimism and passion into an inspiring future.

I'll end with a thank you to all who read this and hope we all united together with compassion and help overcome the pandemic together, strong!
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