High-performing businesses takes an Outside-In approach, many business outcomes are influenced by how YOU DIFFERENTIATE..
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We take interest in what you do. Our passion is to help you define your digital strategy, streamline your processes and extend value creation. Integrity is our basis in everything we do..

Who We Are

Our team comprises of consultants with diverse backgrounds in a variety of businesses and geographies. Each one of us provide our clients with their unique contribution to being who they are, and what they could bring to you.

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Who We Are

What We Do

Our approach is to understand your strategic drivers, provide you with actionable steps in solving your issues. Our current focus areas are strategy reviews, company valuation, process automation, Offshore software project, digital marketing.

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What We Do
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Did Financial Accounting screws up Human Capital?
Jan 16, 2023

I was reading this February's Harvard Business Review and this article immediately caught my attention. Human Resources and financial accounting practices can have a distorting effect on the human capital asset class by creating a disconnect between the value that employees bring to an organization....

The Mensarius Oath
Aug 25, 2022

The Mensarius Oath is an ethical code of conduct for venture capitalists and other finance professionals that is designed to foster positive outcomes for humanity. ‘Mensarius’ is a Latin noun that refers to a banker or financier..

Happy New Year - Talent, Transform, Technology
Jan 10, 2022

Happy new year! Our focus for FY2022 is to bring interesting reads and also evolve ourselves into a talent focused organization. I am going to be focus on getting knowledge as Human Resource Business Partner (HR). Understanding how talents and the works of it will help create differentiated ..

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