Netoloji E-Flow Partnership

June 6, 2020

E-Flow is a fast, easy and affordable solution that centralizes your workflow.

E-Flow helps you manage your processes with an automated system that structures consistency, efficiency and accountability. Besides, as each company has completely different needs , E-Flow have also developed a workflow system that includes an easy-to-use process designer that you can use to design your standard start-up package and processes.

Asia Technology Ventures is the official Partner for Netoloji in ASIA Pacific region
About Netoloji

Netoloji, a dynamic and innovative software company specialized in BPM, helps companies accelerate and improve their business processes with E-Flow BPM. Behind the increasing success graph of Netoloji in every customer scale and segment from different sectors, there is always a follow-up approach that adapts developing countries' technologies to the conditions of our country and its focus on customer satisfaction.

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