Happy New Year - Talent, Transform, Technology

January 10, 2022

Happy new year!

Our focus for FY2022 is to bring interesting reads and also evolve ourselves into a Talent focused organization. I am going to be focus on getting knowledge as Human Resource Business Partner (HR). Understanding how talents and the works of it will help create differentiated competitive advantages towards businesses. 

Transform. Business of Asia Technology Ventures has been business transformation, helping organizations see their potential or structurally change / pivot into new opportunities. We going into expanded role beyond just Startups and SME consulting and into taking interest in talent and technology focusing on innovation. Over the last decade, I have helped businesses transformed from stove-pipes into an interconnected ecosystem. This is important as the future market evolves into complex inter-connected and competitive entities.  Company addressing these challenges requires a focus on the outside, having awareness and internalizing it to drive meaningful changes.


Walking up Fushimi Inari Taisha

Expanding our Point of Presences. We are exploring to expand our footprints beyond just emerging markets, maybe into markets like Japan. The rational is Japan as a market is renewing its role in South East Asia and how it can become an integral and influential part of the business ecosystem.  It also in need of Cross borders talents as they embrace this. This is not new but over last several years seem to be getting more momentum as their markets recovers from deflation.

Technology. This new year, our first company which does a really meaningful business is Volpara Health Technologies (ASX VHT). Volpara Health is a HealthTech business that offers a breast health SaaS platform. Its software provides risk analysis, decision making, administration and have datasets (breast scan) that covers about 30% of US women. They help bring AI to breast cancer screening and help better detect and generate greater ability to detect and address risk faster. Ultimately, saving lives.

The video is great introduction towards the technology.

With that, I would again wish you a wonderful new year and do connect with us if you wish to look into transforming your business.

About the author

Stephen Chan is the founder of ASIA Technology Ventures. As a creative and entrepreneurial thinker with deep knowledge in both business and technology, he has accomplished more than 2 decades of high-growth businesses, developed revolutionary Go-To-Market strategies, led & built teams across Asia Pacific. He also has strong understanding of technology like SaaS/Cloud infrastructure, mobile apps, developer tools, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. Asia Technology Ventures was founded to help Asia's businesses transform, scale and compete beyond their comfort zone.

This is driven by his personal belief that "Success is a journey, not a destination", in-line with his pursuit of helping others as the foundation for true, happy, and meaningful living.

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