Art Of Creative Business Transformation

June 4, 2020

It's great to work on a new project for Asia Technology Ventures. It's called the Art of Creative Business Transformation. This is our concept of business strategic advisory work, helping companies value creativity and transform their business toward a forward thinking & millennia focused.

As always, we depend on science of data to validate the business performance and for accelerating value creation. However, we need to understand the "Art of Business Creativity" to fulfill this transformation.

Business Life Cycle

Any business goes through changes as their market conditions and perceived value change with time. Business Life Cycle as many knows it are Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline. In the different stages of lifecycle, companies utilize creativity differently. You can't depend solely on FB marketing to sell Coke, in contrast, it might work when it's some emerging consumer products.

Understanding CREATIVITY

In order for any business to successfully navigate itself from Business Life Cycle phase to phase, there are many ingredients involve to make the strategy success and one of it is Creativity.
As creativity breed bold thinking and allow the unconventional to take place. We must understand the mantra
“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce. Hence driving deeper into what we consider painful. Assessing the situation (pain / error) correcting the course of actions and develop further.

Factors addressing CREATIVITY based on our Guidance Framework.

It is based on qualitative Creative factors. Broken down to Uniqueness, Idea Impact, Strategy fit, Addressing Trends and Market Tectonic Shifts, etc. Understanding these values and creating the assessment in your project or creation would help bring business results clearer toward your set path and closer to objectives.

Uniqueness. From an idea perspective, what is unique to you and your customer, have it been tried, tested or proven. Using this to assess your creative juice is aligned. Be specific and highlight the attributes of uniqueness.

Idea Impact. Focusing on scale. How will the idea flourish most if applied? Impact assessment through a series of tests like reach (social media), customer measurement, content creation, A/B test, etc.

Strategic fit. Making the Creative idea that would, itself be developed into strategic supporting business function. I.e. TripAdvisor has a system to generate reviews that a Reviews website would be a strategic fit.

Trends/Markets Tectonic Shifts. Understanding the situation is important. Timing is everything in work or play. So Creative ideas without the right supporting conditions in a competitive market would be a failure precursor.

Have a Creative Partnership

Working with people whom are positive bias and NOT follower is important. Creative partnership leveraging on the advise of others whom are in your best interest (with a stake) and partnering you to focus on growing creative ideas. Think of those sometimes, where you feeling uncomfortable, lost, helpless, depress, finding ways and solving it, thus growing in the process. Creativity thrives with factors like challenges, seemingly impossible situation, failure situations, etc.

We at ASIA Technology Ventures aim to be the trusted resource you need to address strategic problems and brighten the path to tackle the impossible tasks. Many people can provide solution to your challenging situation. At Asia Technology Ventures, we make emergent strategies for your business.

About the author

Stephen Chan is the founder of ASIA Technology Ventures. As a creative and entrepreneurial thinker with deep knowledge in both business and technology, he has accomplished more than 2 decades of high-growth businesses, developed revolutionary Go-To-Market strategies, led & built teams across Asia Pacific. He also has strong understanding of technology like SaaS/Cloud infrastructure, mobile apps, developer tools, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. Asia Technology Ventures was founded to help Asia's businesses transform, scale and compete beyond their comfort zone.

This is driven by his personal belief that "Success is a journey, not a destination", in-line with his pursuit of helping others as the foundation for true, happy, and meaningful living.

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